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Butter, once touted as a super villain known to cause heart disease and premature death, is now making its way to a superfood status. Does this misunderstood dairy product have you confused too? You are not alone. While margarine and butter may look similar, they are actually entirely different.

Butter contains saturated fat, while margarine contains unsaturated fat. If you are a margarine lover, it may be because you once were told or heard that margarine is the healthier, cholesterol-free option. While it might not add cholesterol to your body, margarine is pure poison in disguise. (RELATED: Read more news on how food ingredients affect your health at Ingredients.news)

What’s the real deal behind the age-old butter versus margarine debate?
To answer that question, we must go back in time. In 1903, researchers found that adding hydrogen to vegetable oils – such as canola oil, palm fruit oil and soybean oil – turned them into a more solid state, creating a highly processed, soft and spreadable product that closely resembled butter, but was much cheaper to produce. This was one of the reasons why margarine became such a popular product.

Rising heart disease was another reason butter had to make way for margarine. In the 1950s, some scientists made the connection between saturated fats (found only in animal products, coconut and palm oil) and high cholesterol levels and heart health. These studies, however, later proved to be wrong. Simple carbohydrates like white bread and refined sugar are to blame. As reported by Natural Blaze, a slightly higher level of cholesterol is no longer thought to be as bad. In women, it has even been linked to a longer life.

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