Frequently asked questions

Who is this program for?

The Holistic Healthy Eating Program is for anyone who desires to eat healthier and become healthier, leaner person in the process.

Is this a weight loss diet?

This is not a diet and the main goal of this program is to get you healthier. The weight/fat loss may occur depending on your current body composition, age, how much you move your body and how well you stick to the plan without cheating yourself and your own health.

I’m a fussy eater. Will this program suit me?

Yes, since there are 140 different meal options to chose from!

I am always busy working or looking after my family. Will I be able to use this program with such lifestyle?

Many of the meals and recipes are simple to prepare – probably easier to what you cook for yourself and your family now. There is also a ‘Simple Meal Option Example’ included to show you how you can make your meals suit a busy life. In addition, since it Holistic program, there will be tasks for you to complete so that you can learn to slow down and find time for yourself. It should help any busy parent or/and professional.

Is this a recipe book?

This program contains recipes but isn’t just a recipe book.

What does this program contain?>?

It contains Meal Options, Recipes, Additional Information to help you understand nutrition and how what you put into your body affects your health. It also contains practical materials for you to fill in, including Food Journal, Meal Options templates for every day of the month.

I am vegetarian/vegan. Will the program work for me?

Yes. There are vegan and vegetarian options to chose from, as well as examples of healthy eating week for vegans and vegetarians

Is this program suitable for meat eaters?

Yes, meat meal options are also included.

How long am I supposed to be on the program?

Healthy Holistic Eating Program is designed for 4 weeks, but since there are so many options to chose from you can repeat it over and over without getting bored with food. Once you learn how to eat healthy, you can simply use the resources provided and find more healthy options. You never really stop eating healthy once you discover how great you will feel. So it will last you a lifetime if that is what you chose.

Is it expensive to change to healthy eating?

The program provides options for less expensive, yet still healthy meals so it shouldn’t be more expensive than unhealthy food you may be buying now. Remember though health is true wealth. Investing in being healthy now is much more beneficial than having to pay for being ill later and experiencing all the bad effects of that.

Is this one-off payment?

Yes. You only pay once and get VIP access to our website along with all documents that come with the program.

Will any products be shipped?

We at Wellness Rainbow do not believe in wasting paper. We want to save the beauty of Earth by not providing an option for printed material. Anything you need will be downloadable from our website with your member login and password. We let you print what you need if absolutely necessary.

Can a person with allergies follow this program?

There are several meal options to choose from so for a person with allergies, you can simply pick options without the ingredients you are allergic to. Additionally, see medical professional before following this program if you suffer from allergies.

Will I be able to access this program immediately?

Yes, you will be able to access the program immediately. You will need login details such as username/email and password to log in.