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High five for setting a goal that’ll help you become the best version of you (though, let’s be honest, present-day you is pretty badass already). Making that commitment, whether your goal deals with work, weight, mental health, or anything else, is step one. Here’s step two: sticking with the goal so it actually comes to fruition. That part is a little trickier (OK, a lot trickier) since there are so many barriers that can get in your way.

  1. Set a specific goal (and then make it even more specific).
  2. Keep your goal to yourself.
  3. Identify the personal reasons behind the goal.
  4. Believe your willpower is unlimited.
  5. Pinpoint potential roadblocks in advance.
  6. Plan accordingly.
  7. Find a way to make your new habits enjoyable.
  8. Think about your gains.
  9. Embrace your competitive side for a quick dose of motivation.
  10. Reward your progress (even if it seems insignificant).

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