To deal with stress and stressful responses our body requires massive amount of energy. If stress is prolonged, it can cause exhaustion and have negative impact on your overall health. Aside from dealing with situation and mentally protecting yourself from its impact, you can help your body by adjusting your food and supplement intake. Here are main nutrients which can help restore your body especially after “flight/fight” response.
  • Vitamin C and foods containing this vitamin, as it helps to prevent free radical damage,
  • Selenium as antioxidant;
  • Foods with high antioxidant levels,
  • Vitamins B, in particular vitamin B5,
  • Zinc, Chromium, Essential fatty acids,
  • Good quality protein like lean meats, fish, lentils for vegetarians,
  • Sleep promoting herbs and natural supplements for example chamomile tea,
  • Gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) supplement as it switches off adrenal rush and helps the brain to calm down,
  • Valerian – it is used as anti-anxiety herb and helps with restlessness, nervousness, insomnia and hysteria. It also helps to calm the stomach.
  • Hops and passion flower which help with sleep problems and have calming effects on nerves,
  • Magnesium as it is important mineral in relaxation of the mind and muscles, helps in migraines and anxiety.
Avoid: caffeine and sugary foods and drinks.
Other than the above: Keep calm and  stay healthy!:)
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