Eat the right fats: Butter vs. margarine

Source: www.naturalnews.com Butter, once touted as a super villain known to cause heart disease and premature death, is now making its way to a superfood status. Does this misunderstood dairy product have you confused too? You are not alone. While margarine and butter may look similar, they are actually entirely different. Butter contains saturated fat, while…

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The 5 Minute Mental Detox To Start Your Day Right!

Source: http://www.foodmatters.com/   Ever feel like your brain is swarming with bees and you can’t construct a clear thought? There’s nothing worse than the mental fog that comes from having a ‘wired and tired’ mind or a terrible night’s sleep.   Even while we sleep, our brains are busy working and sifting through mental clutter from…

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