Exercise is known for making people look good, but that’s not the only benefit. Any movement that raises your heart rate and helps you sweat is good for your health – if performed safely and with good form.  Weight training is particularly beneficial.  Here are some of many benefits of weight training:

  • reduces depression and increases happiness
  • muscles grow while fat lowers
  • increases bone strength
  • makes day to day activities easier
  • decreases risk of diabetes – better blood sugar control
  • improves cardiovascular health – better blood flow which also leads to fast transport of nutrients into other cells
  • helps strengthen your back
  • great for anti aging
  • improves balance in skeleton alignment bringing your body back to correct and natural posture
  • increases mental strength
  • makes one look good naked
  • provides fat loss without yo-yo effect
  • speeds up metabolism
  • you can eat A LOT of food while doing weights5-choice-1-gym-room-1178293_640
  • balances hormones
  • improves confidence
  • makes one stronger mentally
  • reliefs stress
  • helps prevent disease if combined with right nutrition
  • fills one up with energy
  • improves sleep
  • it feels good to set up and achieve your goals!

Good physical health is major predictor of one’s happiness. Your body and mind will work much better and you will increase the quality of your life if you invest a little time and effort in lifting weights.


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