Microbiom is community of bacteria, viruses and fungi which live inside our body and on the surface of our skin. These organisms are vital for health. For example, there are possibly around 1,000 microbal species in the mouth! There are overall 100 trillion bacteria in the gut. This living community has many health benefits from absorption of nutrition to mental balance. That is correct – the balance of bacteria in your body can actually impact how you feel.

The importance of healthy bacteria

Here are other benefits of maintaining healthy balance of microbiom in the gut:
  • improved digestion
  • strong gut lining (preventing leaky gut)
  • hormone balance
  • nourished body
  • stronger immune system
  • disease prevention
  • better looking skin
  • weight loss
  • anxiety and depression relief
  • healthy teeth.
There is growing number of interest in research related to gut-mind-immunity connection and people around the world are successfully applying simple changes to their lifestyle which help them feel better and happier.  Having more energy, less mood swings and preventing disease has to be worth a try.
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